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(Toronto Ontario, February 14, 2024) The Canadian Motorsport Academy (CMA) were excited to introduce a new grass roots driver program to the media at K1 Speed in Toronto, Ontario on February 13th. This program is a game-changer for Canadian motorsport, extending beyond conventional offerings, by providing young drivers with unparalleled driver development, self-marketing support, testing opportunities, and potential ride progression with John Farrow’s – JMF Motorsport teams, as their careers advance. Thus, marking a transformative moment for aspiring motorsport professionals in Canadian motorsports.

The CMA program serves as a pivotal platform for talented drivers to showcase their skills and gain recognition for their success, not only in Canada but on the global motorsport stage. By filling a void in the Canadian motorsport landscape for driver advancement, the program will further open doors for aspiring drivers to make a lasting impact in the motorsport community worldwide.

More than just a driver Academy program, CMA is committed to developing young drivers’ skills both on and off the track. Our formalized ladder to higher levels of motorsport success ensures a structured and supportive environment for skills enhancement, setting a new standard for motorsport education and the potential opportunity to test for a front running team – JMF Motorsports.

At its core, CMA is a “family” that supports drivers in overcoming the challenges of climbing the motorsport ladder. Through its unique combination of testing opportunities, marketing support, and potential ride progression, CMA has established itself as a nurturing community for aspiring motorsport professionals.
CMA goes beyond traditional training by equipping young drivers with essential networking skills. Through the Academy’s endorsement and support, drivers will enhance their ability to connect with other drivers, teams, sponsors, and the media. These networking skills will prove invaluable throughout their entire motorsport careers.

John Farrow, Founder of CMA and Owner of JMF Motorsports, emphasized,
“Our program is a ‘game-changer’ for anyone pursuing a career in motorsport. It’s not just about driving; it’s about creating a pathway to success and building a community that supports each other.”

CMA welcomes all young drivers in a wide range of motorsports categories to join this program by registering for consideration as a potential Junior or Senior Academy Drivers, to showcase their skills, passion, and determination to succeed on and off the track.

For more information on the Canadian Motorsport Academy program and the application process, visit

Media Contact:

Alastair Taylor – President & CEO
Canadian Motorsport Academy

About the Canadian Motorsport Academy: The Canadian Motorsport Academy is the truest form of an Academy specifically for motorsport in Canada – where its members are taught all aspects of their chosen profession in motorsports – not just including Drivers, but Engineers, Mechanics, Press Representatives, Marketing Professionals and Team Managers. The Academy provides specialist programme support through tailored mentoring, marketing, and management support to talented young racing drivers. CMA, and its programme partners, possess a wide range of expertise and experience across the business of motorsport and are perfectly placed to encourage, support, educate and assist our members in maximizing, his or her, on and off-track success.